Health Potions need a re-think

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Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:04 am

TL;DR There's no point to the other two Health Potions existence if buying them has no bonuses.

I was looking at the Health Potions, and there's three tiers -
  • Health (T1),
  • Greater Health(T2), and
  • Even Greater Health(T3).
T1 is 5G for 50 HP.
T2 is 10 G for 100 HP, is the equivalent of 2 T1's, and still cost the same.
T3 is 50 G for 500 HP, is the equivalent of 5 T2's or 10 T1's, and again still cost the same as the equivalents would be.

So, there is literally ZERO incentive to even buy T2 or T3 potions. They don't heal for any more than the T1's would for the same price in gold. You could create incentive, maybe by keeping the price the same, but increasing the amount of health - so T2 could Heal for 200 - which would give incentive to buy it over the same amount of HP in T1's - since doing that would cost you more. T3 could heal for 750. I dunno.
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